damentia - offline ai text gen

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Privacy Policy

  1. The most privacy friendly text generating ai app
  2. There is absolutely no data collection of user generated data or ai generated data or user metadata or usage statistics
  3. Internet connection only required to receive ai model decryption key and to confirm subscription status. Subsequent app launches have all ai generation functionality in offline mode, provided that you have a valid subscription. No human data or ai data from the app is sent anywhere

Terms Of Use (End User License Agreement)

We use the standard EULA available at


Extra Info

  1. Subscriptions automatically autorenew monthly
  2. Always review and edit the output of ai generation before using it outside the app
  3. Modify the existing text and ai generated text and regenerate if you want to improve the ai generated text to match your preferences
  4. Swipe left or swipe right to change between 5 tabs
  5. Use ios16 app tap gestures and ios16 settings to use select, select all, copy, paste, look up, find selection, translation, dictation, scan text, speak to improve the editing process
  6. You can copy and paste text between 5 tabs and also copy and paste text to and from external apps via the ios16 clipboard using ios16 gestures for select, copy, paste
  7. Optionally go to official ios16 settings to update offline dictation, offline voices, offline translations, add more language keyboards and turn on speech recitation output and speech dictation input functionality
  8. For data you want to keep long term, you must use select and copy to an external app via the ios16 clipboard, for example, into the Notes app
  9. If you experience an issue with old text appearing after an app update, delete the app and app data storage and reinstall the app
  10. Do not break any laws of any country in the world
  11. Do not break the app
  12. Always fact check the ai generated text

available on app store as an automatically autorenewal monthly subscription

Download on the App Store

minimum operating requirements: at least iphone 11 and ios 16.4 because generating ai text requires a very fast neural engine processor

The name of the app is inspired by the condition dementia which affects many elderly people. In particular aphasia describes the difficult changes in language communication abilities of people with dementia. Hopefully users of this text generation ai will gain a subliminal ability to communicate better with people with dementia.